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BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 Cases & Covers


Perhaps the most-noticeable feature about BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 phones is that these devices are extremely sleek and comfortable to hold and use. The phone easily fits into the palm of your hand, making typing with the QWERTY keyboard a simple task. Likewise, it is equally easy to scroll with the optical track pad. Because the keyboard and the track pad play important roles in allowing you to navigate and type on the phone, you would be wise to protect these features with one of our BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 cases.

Some of our cases are designed to fully cover the phone. For example, we feature multiple pouch-like leather pockets for the phone. You can keep these pouches in your purse or briefcase. While your phone is in the pouch, it is fully protected from drops, bumps and scratches. The pouch still gives you visibility to the message indicator, so you can easily see when you have a message waiting for you.

Those who want to take a more minimalistic approach to their BlackBerry cases can instead choose to use one of our form-fitting cases. These types of cases do a good job of preserving the sleek look of the BlackBerry while also protecting the device. The slim, precision interiors associated with these BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 cases give you easy access to the camera, ports, keyboard and volume control.

Of course, the BlackBerry Curve includes multiple features that are worth protecting. Some of the most valuable features to you might protect include:


You may notice that the screens on the BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 phones are slightly smaller than the screens on many other kinds of smartphones. The reason for this is because the BlackBerry Curve also makes room for a full 35- key QWERTY keyboard. However, just because the display is smaller, this doesn't mean that it is any less attractive.

The display screen includes a 480 x 360 pixel HVGA color display and an amazing 246 pixels per inch. His means that the photos, videos, games and maps that you view on your phone are able to come through with crystal-clear quality. Our BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 cases are able to assist in preserving this display quality.

Social Applications

If you are a social person, then the BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 phones might be a great choice for allowing you to stay connected with friends and family. The phone features access to the BlackBerry Messenger, which allows you to easily send messages to other BlackBerry users and get instantaneous responses. The phone also offers users access to their Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds. The BlackBerry is famous for allowing users to instantaneously send and receive emails and the Curve 9350 / 9360 phones are similar to other BlackBerry phones in that respect. Of course, your ability to preserve this function - as well as protect all the other features associated with your phone - is dependent on the usage of one of our BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 cases.