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EB Cases


Handheld devices like cell phones and SmartPhones can be quite costly. In addition to purchasing the device itself, you may also need to purchase accessories if the device uses proprietary connections. In addition, you'll want to pick up a case to protect your new device. Luckily, you've come to the right place. At Cases.com, we offer the widest selection of stylish--and protective--cases on the Internet.

It's common knowledge that if you purchase a case that is designed for a specific device, it will offer the closest possible fit. In fact, many cases that are device-specific are so snug that they're not meant to be removed. Some people, however, find it more difficult to use their devices when they are enclosed in cases like this.

Slipper-Style EB Cases

As an alternative, the EB cases on our site are designed like slippers. Rather than being designed to be permanently installed on your device, however, these EB slipper cases are made so that your device can easily slide in and out of them. You can change the case any time you want for fashion reasons, or simply access your device with ease any time you want to use it.

The EB cases on our site are made from Napa cowhide leather and feature a soft inner lining to protect your phone from potential scratches. With the convenient magnetic snap closure, you won't have to fumble at the latch while your phone is ringing. At Cases.com, you'll find EB cases for many of today's most popular SmartPhones, including the Treo line of phones and the Motorola Q. You'll also find cases from many other manufacturers, providing you with a plethora of options to meet your needs and style.