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iPod Classic Cases & Covers


The iPod perhaps has done more to revolutionize the music industry than any other device. The iPod Classic is the device that started it all. Since the first iPod Classic was released by Apple in October 2001, millions of iPods have been sold. Those who own and use iPod Classics understand the value of having iPod Classic cases that are able to help protect their investments.

Cases.com features iPod Classic cases for all generations of the iPod Classic. All cases that we sell are designed to not only protect your iPod, but also to look attractive. You will find that the cases we offer allow you to easily access all of your iPod Classic's buttons and ports while also effectively preserving the device. Some of the iPod Classics for which we offer iPod Classic cases include:

First Generation iPod Classic

This first generation iPod - as well as all subsequent iPod Classics - use a 1.8-inch hard drive. At the time this iPod was released in 2001, competitors used 2.5-inch hard drives. This iPod's mechanical scroll wheel and easy-to-use navigation make it a simple-to-use device that was still innovative and groundbreaking.

All of the iPod Classic cases that we offer are built to protect the device while continuing to allow users to access the scroll wheel and other features.

Third Generation iPod Classic

Whereas the second generation iPod Classic was quite similar to the first-generation model, the third-generation device has some significant differences. For example, the third generation iPod Classic is thinner than previous models. It also introduced the touch wheel, which is a non-mechanical device that allows users to scroll through songs.

Some of the iPod Classic cases that you may want to use for your third-generation iPod Classic are built to fit snugly around the exterior of the device. These cases help protect your device from accidental drops and bumps that might occur as you use your device.

Fifth Generation iPod Classic

The fifth generation iPod Classic allows users to store up to 80 GB of audio and video files, meaning that users can store hour and hours of entertainment on the device. This iPod includes a 2.5-inch 320x240 QVGA screen as well as a smaller click wheel. Because the device is light and small, it requires protection.

Some of the iPod Classic cases that we feature on our site protect your device with form-fitting silicone, while other cases are made from high-quality leather.

Sixth Generation iPod Classic

Apple hasn't released a newer version of the iPod Classic since 2008 when it introduced the world to the sixth-generation iPod Classic. This iPod Classic includes a thinner body than the previous version. It also has an improved battery life, meaning you can listen to music and watch videos for longer periods of time between charges.

All of the iPod Classic cases that we offer are able to adequately protect your iPod. This means that the case you choose ultimately will depend on your own preference. Because we have so many cases, chances are that we have the perfect case to match your personality.