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Piel Frama 595 Black Magnetic Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / SE

PREORDER - Handcrafted for you, this item is expected to ship in 3 - 4 weeks.

Product Description

Compatible: Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / SE

Color Options:
BlackTanTanWhiteOrangeRedBlueGreenPink Plain Leathers
Black CrocoBrown CrocoRed CrocoOrange CrocoPink Croco    Black Swarovski CrocodileBlue Swarovski CrocodileOrange Swarovski Crocodile Crocodile Patterns
Black OstrichTan Ostrich Ostrich Patterns
Tan LizardBrown Lizard Lizard Patterns
Black Nspire Nspire Limited Edition

Introducing the Piel Frama iPhone 5 Magnetic Case - a premium magnetic leather case with style. All corners are completely covered when the case is closed. The iPhone 5 sits harnessed in a leather frame inside the case, so you can rest assured it will be protected. There are two credit card pockets, as well as a general money pocket inside the cover. There is a magnetic closure, for easy phone access. All features of the phone are accessible and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned with your phone. The case is equipped with a removable swivel belt clip. When not in use, the back completely flush with the case.

- Optional Swivel Belt Clip System included
- Hand-crafted premium Spanish leather
- 2 credit card slots and 1 money pocket
- Magnetic closure
- Soft leather lining
- ABS inserted protection
- Cut-outs for all iPhone 5 functions - The case authority store - is the official U.S. reseller of Piel Frama cases. Our cases are stored (in a temperature controlled warehouse) locally for convenience and quick shipping! Each Piel Frama case passes strict quality control requirements and is expertly hand-made by a skilled leather craftsman. Piel Frama specializes in producing luxurious, beautiful, soft, leather-cushioned cases specifically designed for mobile devices. Customize your device with a stunning Piel Frama case, choosing from many vibrant colors on either a standard leather canvas, or an exotic ostrich or crocodile texture.

Product Reviews

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  1. Makes my phone more fun

    Posted by Mike Boston on 16th Jul 2016

    I love the feel, the flip cover and the way the cover enhances my phone. I absolutely love your product!

  2. Doesn't hold up well over time

    Posted by Dale Farley on 22nd Jun 2015

    I have the Piel Frama 595 in both brown and black. The leather has split on both of them on both sides where the cover closes. I had no idea that leather can split. Granted on one side it is thin to allow opening for the camera, but the other side is solid leather. I have purchased a couple extra of the plastic holders for my belt. All of them have worn down so that my Iphone just comes right off. A dangerous event as my whole life is on my phone. I loved the look, but there needs to be an improvement in all materials.

  3. Very, VERY Impressed!

    Posted by Stephen. on 27th Aug 2014

    I believe one or two online reviews noted a minor misalignment of openings vis-à-vis the iPhone 5S. The purchase installed on my phone fit perfectly. Speaking to other Technical Professionals out there, "we learn by doing." This case is simply efficient and elegant. Smells nice too! I will be a return customer.

  4. Very elegant case (with a caveat)

    Posted by Jonnyu on 12th Jun 2014

    This is a beautifully made case. It fits almost perfectly, gives good protection to the iphone and is easy to operate when you get a call. The craftsmanship appears first rate.

    The cutout around the USB socket is a a bit too small and it requires a bit of stretching.

    Although the black color is very elegant, it does tend to disappear into whatever it is sitting on, particularly in low light situations. This means that if you are trying to find your phone on your dresser before it is fully light in the room, you may have to look carefully.

    Beyond that, it is a very nice case indeed.

  5. Very classy, elegant case!

    Posted by Francine on 26th Dec 2013

    I bought this case for Lt. in the Navy. He didn't want anything "flashy" but did want something clean and classy looking, appropriate for his rank.

    Of course he didn't trust my taste...I am a women after all. :) What he didn't know is I had on my side. They were kind enough to give me a helping hand in finding him the ultimate case. They were awesome! Shhhh...I never told him!

    This case has such a classic look, and is made by hand with such amazing quality, all hand sewn and soft as butter.

    The presentation of the case, in a lovely box, that when you open gives off the aroma of fresh leather. This is a 8 star case...not a 5 star case!
    I am a Piel Frama fan for life!

  6. What I expected

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2013

    Excellent quality. Very handy to carry cc and dl with phone. Only one thing in one's pocket. Had one before for my IP 4 and was happy like I am with this

  7. Handsome Design

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Dec 2013

    My husband likes to carry his iPhone on his belt. This is a beautiful carrying case. Great Xmas Gift for the man that has everything.

  8. Great case, but one small problem.

    Posted by Cad. on 10th Dec 2013

    I love this case. It is elegant and beautiful. The quality is unbelievable. However the magnets are a problem. They interfere with the GPS and the Compass. The compass can go off by 30 degrees.

    I am going to exchange this on account of compass issues, but I would still admit that this is the best case I have ever seen.

  9. I wish I could add a 6th Star

    Posted by Peter on 19th Sep 2013

    Simply, it's the best. I have never been happier with a case in my life (I'm 68 years old). I use my phone a lot so it's rarely out of my hands. It's a sheer joy all the time. I've gotten many compliments about, and am amazed myself at the quality and hand workmanship. (Watch the video on the website - You'll see what real quality workmanship they do). When iPhone 5 first came out, I couldn't even find a "case" for it. I was lucky to have found They introduced me to Piel Frama, and it's been shear delight ever since. I just can't say enough, except, if you ever need a case, this is the duo to go with. I just ordered one for my new tablet. I know it will be just as perfect.-

  10. I finally have a case worthy of my phone

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2013

    In the early 90's I bought a Sony Clie and stumbled on a company in Spain called Piel Frama selling leather cases. I ordered a case directly from the company and when it arrived I was amazed. The leather and workmanship was second to none. The Clie soon became outdated and forgotten but that case never was. Fast forward to 2013 and the search for a case for my new iphone 5. When I found this company and noticed they sold Piel Frama cases I was beyond happy. My new case came today and it was 1993 all over again. The leather and the workmanship of this companies products puts all others to shame. The packaging provided by the company is also impressive and with graduations, mothers and fathers days coming up these would make an excellent gift. I am so impressed with the speedy processing and quality of the case I am looking for electronics to buy just so I can buy more cases from and Piel Frama. In my opinion no matter the price their is no finer manufacturer of leather cases out there than Piel yourself a favor and buy one, you will not be disappointed.

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