Piel Frama 676 Black iMagnum Leather Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 / 8

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Compatible: Apple iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 / 8

Color Options:
BlackTanRedBlueGreenPinkBrownOrangeWhiteYellow Plain imagnum-leathers
Black CrocoBrown CrocoBlue CrocoRed CrocoOrange CrocoYellow CrocoPink Croco Crocodile Patterns
Black LizardBrown Lizard Lizard Patterns
Black OstrichTan Ostrich Ostrich Patterns
Black KarabuTan Karabu Karabu Patterns
Black StingrayBrown Stingray Stingray Patterns

Introducing the Piel Frama iPhone iMagnum Case. This slim case combines the best of both worlds; slim style and protection. The iMagnum cases are produces with several layers for protection of the device, but the case remains slim to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Just slide your new iPhone between the hard iMagnum-leather frame, and you're good to go. All features of the phone are accessible and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned with your phone. A cut-out at the top of the cover allows for you to talk on your phone with the cover shut. There is also hidden magnetic closure - you simply lay down the cover until it shut and it stays securely fastened until you pull the cover to open it back up. The case comes standard with a removable swivel belt clip. When not in use, the back completely flush with the case.

- Talk with the cover shut
- Optional swivel belt clip system included
- Hand-crafted premium Spanish imagnum-leather
- Hidden magnet closure
- Strong layered protection
- ABS inserted protection
- Cut-outs for all iPhone functions

Cases.com - The case authority store - is the official U.S. reseller of Piel Frama cases. Our cases are stored (in a temperature controlled warehouse) locally for convenience and quick shipping! Each Piel Frama case passes strict quality control requirements and is expertly hand-made by a skilled imagnum-leather craftsman. Piel Frama specializes in producing luxurious, beautiful, soft, imagnum-leather-cushioned cases specifically designed for mobile devices. Customize your device with a stunning Piel Frama case, choosing from many vibrant colors on either a standard imagnum-leather canvas, or an exotic ostrich or crocodile texture.

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Piel Frama
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11 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2019


    Proven Winner

    Great phone protection while being slim enough for a shirt pocket or slacks. Every new phone gets THIS as it’s new case!

  • Posted by Chuck on 26th Aug 2016


    Outstanding - best case I've ever owned

    WOW! Quality and workmanship are outstanding. This case looks and feels fantastic. I've had lots of cases in all price ranges over the years, but this is the best I've ever owned. It's worth every penny. No, it's not cheap - but your phone cost a lot more. I love cases that flip up, as the ones that looks like notebooks and flip the other way are difficult to open with one hand. The screen is totally protected from smashing or drops, great for guys who keep their phone in a pocket or women who keep them in a purse. I can't say enough about this case. I would buy the same one immediately if I ever lost my phone.

  • Posted by Chris on 13th Jul 2016


    Best cell phone cases ever made

    I have used this brand of cell phone case for most all my cell phones. I will not change. Expensive, but worth it.

  • Posted by Unknown on 24th Dec 2015


    Not worth the money

    I'm not sure that this case is worth the price? I like the hard cover protection, however there are other cases for less money that accomplish the same thing!

  • Posted by Martin K. on 21st Sep 2015


    Quality and Value

    I had the same style Piel Frama case for my iPhone 5 and 5s. It is so luxurious and protective, how could I give my 6s anything less! It is appreciated that the front of the case now flips down far enough (when opened) that the camera and flash are usable. The look and feel of this case gets many admiring looks and touches. I will never cloak my iPhone in anything less!

  • Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2015


    Love it, however...

    This case is everything and then some. I get compliments on it every time I pull it out. The down side is if you want to take a picture you either have to pull it up out of the case or use two hands to take the picture and hold the flap up. I tend to take a lot of pictures so it can be a bit cumbersome when in a hurry. The thin case and nice leather will keep me using it. I can't stand the bulky cases.

  • Posted by Richard on 15th Dec 2014


    very nice case

    excellent product

  • Posted by Bob on 3rd Nov 2014


    Elegant Case That Shows Off the Beauty of the iPhone 6

    I bought the Piel Frama 676 iMagnum case for the iPhone 6. Despite the pretentious name and the relatively high cost, I love the case. It is elegant and attractive. The hard shell covered in leather gives fairly good protection. The protection is not as good as an Otter Box Defender. However, while the Otter Box (like many other cases) conceals the elegance, color and thin form factor of the phone, the Piel case in large part does not. It is fairly easy to remove the phone from the Piel, but the fit is snug enough to keep the phone firmly in place. The magnetic fastener to keep the case closed works great. I purchased the Colonel Littleton No. 49 belt holster. The Piel with iPhone 6 inside just fits. With this setup, I do not need to worry about the phone falling off my belt. I think it looks and works great, but that combination is not for everyone. In short, I highly recommend the Piel case.

  • Posted by Unknown on 10th Oct 2014


    Classy Case for my new iPhone.

    I paid $85 for this case after a small discount and soon learned it was one of the most expensive cases for the new iphones. It was not available on 9/19 when the iPhone arrived so I bought a $10 case that worked great on a temporary basis. i waited until this week and finally my case arrived. It is packaged in a high quality box ald the entire box and case looks very rich. The leather is great quality and the Piel Frama metal badge on the bottom serves two purposes....it is a designer logo and allowes you to grab metal to flip open the case. The flip over from the top is so much better than the open like a book format. The magnetic close is just the perfect strength of magnet.The buttons on both sides are easy to use based on the case design. the camera on the back of the phone is covered by the case and I would have preferred that the top fold over piece fold down a little lower. You need to pull it down to make sure it does not partially block the camera. The other negative....The case came with a belt clip and a tool for uninstalling the flat case plug to install the belt clip adapter. there were no instructions and it took me a little time to figure it out. GREAT CASE, WORTH THE EXTRA DOLLARS, BUY IT if you don't mind spending the $.