Piel Frama 685 Tan Ostrich iMagnum Leather Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus

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Compatible: Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus

Color Options:
BlackTanRedBlueGreenPinkBrownOrangeWhiteYellow Plain imagnum-leathers
Black CrocoBrown CrocoBlue CrocoRed CrocoOrange CrocoYellow CrocoPink Croco Crocodile Patterns
Black LizardBrown Lizard Lizard Patterns
Black OstrichTan Ostrich Ostrich Patterns
Black KarabuTan Karabu Karabu Patterns
Black StingrayBrown Stingray Stingray Patterns

Introducing the Piel Frama iPhone iMagnum Case. This slim case combines the best of both worlds; slim style and protection. The iMagnum cases are produces with several layers for protection of the device, but the case remains slim to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Just slide your new iPhone between the hard iMagnum-leather frame, and you're good to go. All features of the phone are accessible and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned with your phone. A cut-out at the top of the cover allows for you to talk on your phone with the cover shut. There is also hidden magnetic closure - you simply lay down the cover until it shut and it stays securely fastened until you pull the cover to open it back up. The case comes standard with a removable swivel belt clip. When not in use, the back completely flush with the case.

- Talk with the cover shut
- Optional swivel belt clip system included
- Hand-crafted premium Spanish imagnum-leather
- Hidden magnet closure
- Strong layered protection
- ABS inserted protection
- Cut-outs for all iPhone functions

Cases.com - The case authority store - is the official U.S. reseller of Piel Frama cases. Our cases are stored (in a temperature controlled warehouse) locally for convenience and quick shipping! Each Piel Frama case passes strict quality control requirements and is expertly hand-made by a skilled imagnum-leather craftsman. Piel Frama specializes in producing luxurious, beautiful, soft, imagnum-leather-cushioned cases specifically designed for mobile devices. Customize your device with a stunning Piel Frama case, choosing from many vibrant colors on either a standard imagnum-leather canvas, or an exotic ostrich or crocodile texture.

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Piel Frama
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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Cases.com Customer on 27th Aug 2015


    Clip Not Secure

    Deserving of 3.5 stars...I agree with the previous reviewer that the case will not stand alone but its not a considerable critique for my needs. The issue is the clip, an important feature for me. The phone easily slides off when you bend down, and I mean very easily. I have made sure to slide the metal tab completely down the clip but the phone slides out regardless. Other than that, it's a great piece. Well made, cutouts perfect, handsome leather, like that I can talk and listen without opening flap, hence the 4 stars. However, it slipping off the clip is troublesome so I hope the leather casing provides ample protection when I forget to hold the phone down when I bend - Yikes!

  • Posted by Cases.com Customer on 14th Aug 2015



    Received the 685 iMagnum Cover and will be returning as two major features fall short. No doubt the look of the case and fit of my iphone is outstanding, if not perfect. The craftsmanship is superb and appears to provide ample protection. The issue I have is that I use my smart phone for videos half the time and while the description of this case did not describe a functional stand alone feature, the photo certainly implies it does. The fact is, it will only stand (vertically or horizontally) if it leans against something, otherwise it will fall flat. The other issue, is the optional swivel clip. It's proven impossible to attach! If these aren't issues for you, then this is a beautifully crafted piece but hardly worth the high price tag without a free multi-angle viewing stand or feasible belt clip.