Piel Frama 604 iMagnum Black Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Compatible: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Introducing the Piel Frama Galaxy Note 2 iMagnum Case. This slim case combines the best of both worlds; slim style and protection. The iMagnum cases are produces with several layers for protection of the device, but the case remains slim to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Just slide your new Galaxy Note 2 between the hard leather frame, and you're good to go. All features of the phone are accessible and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned with your phone. There is a hidden magnetic closure in this case. You simply lay down the cover until it shut and it stays securely fastened until you pull the cover to open it back up. The case comes standard with a removable swivel belt clip. When not in use, the back completely flush with the case.

- Optional Swivel Belt Clip System included
- Hand-crafted premium Spanish leather
- Hidden magnet closure
- Strong layered protection
- ABS inserted protection
- Cut-outs for all Galaxy Note 2 functions - The case authority store - is the official U.S. reseller of Piel Frama cases. Our cases are stored (in a temperature controlled warehouse) locally for convenience and quick shipping! Each Piel Frama case passes strict quality control requirements and is expertly hand-made by a skilled leather craftsman. Piel Frama specializes in producing luxurious, beautiful, soft, leather-cushioned cases specifically designed for mobile devices. Customize your device with a stunning Piel Frama case, choosing from many vibrant colors on either a standard leather canvas, or an exotic ostrich or crocodile texture.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Rickey on 25th Jun 2013


    A GREAT case!

    This is a great case! I got my first case from the company Piel Frama about 7 years ago. I have only had their cases for my smart phones. The quality just gets better and better. But I am just so pleased with the current case for my Galaxy Note 2. The hidden magnetic closures work great. I would not trust my phones with another case that protects and looks so good. I am glad has them.

  • Posted by Customer on 21st Mar 2013


    Piel Frama comes through again!

    Simply beautiful case...strong and protective. My wife has it in red leather and I have it in black leather. Fits the note 2 perfectly. Some are critical of the interference of the cover with the camera since it opens in an upward direction, it is something you adjust to and will find in no time that it is no problem. You can actually turn the phone upside down if you want, the camera on the Samsung note 2 functions perfectly in either direction. The case is pretty sleek and slips perfectly into my pocket. We have had Piel Frama cases for other phones in past years and would consider no other as the quality is superior to any other case made. The price is high but you get what you pay for.

  • Posted by Vijay on 8th Feb 2013


    Almost perfect

    I wanted a case where the cover flips upward and does not open sideways. This allows you to work with both hands without completely folding the front cover to the back. (I may be a bit old fashioned and like the old flip phones.) Pros 1. The case reached me on time as promised and the customer service appears to be good. 2. The case is a snug fit for the galaxy note 2 and the phone does not slide out. 3. Great workmanship. Not a single rough or unfinished edge is seen. 4. Case is strong and the protection is more than adequate. 5. Openings are all perfectly aligned. You can charge without taking it out. 6. The attachment on the back for the swivel belt clip is completely flush as stated and does not stick out. 7. Magnets are only at the lower edges and work well. Cons: 1. While taking a photo you cannot flip the cover all the way back or the lens / viewfinder will be blocked. This is expected and there is no easy solution. I was prepared to live with this before ordering it. 2. Please note that this is not a sleek case. If the padding is reduced, the case can be a bit thinner. The padding gives it a luxurious feel but a thinner case would make it a sure winner. 3. The biggest drawback of course is the extremely high price tag.