Replacement Belt Clip 764

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Compatible: Piel Frama cases

It's not one or two things that make this perhaps the Worlds best plastic swivel belt clip, it's actually a dozen things that were engineered into this belt clip. From smooth, more comfortable shape, to outstanding strength, designers of this belt clip built a new level of confidence for anyone who values their electronics. The 764 Belt Clip was designed from the ground-up to offer more protection for high-end portable devices. The 764 Swivel Belt Clip is significantly stronger and offers more security than anything similar on the market today. The 764 Clip can withstand pulling forces in excess of 130 pounds in any direction. The 764 Clip, meets or exceeds the needs of anyone who's carrying expensive electronics. It is the cumulative result of everything we've learned in the past decade and some new tricks we've learned along the way. If you want to protect your PDA, MP3 player, GPS receiver, FRS radio, camera or other device, you need a strong clip.

Every 764 Swivel Belt Clip has several security features to help prevent loss:
- 'J' hook retainer helps prevent loss of belt clip from belt
- Reinforced fracture points and thicker plastic
- High quality tempered steel spring
- Unique locking tab allows phones, MP3 players, cameras. etc. to rotate 360° when fully inserted
- Fits belts to 1.8" wide
- 1-1/8" x 2-4/8" x 7/8" inches
- Perfect for PDA's, cameras, radios, MP3 players, phones and more!

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Penny Handshaw on 29th Feb 2016


    The clip is shipped quickly, wears out fast

    This is my second clip, which arrive within a couple of days of ordering it. As others have noted, the little knob that holds the phone in the clip wore out in 4 months. That part needs to be metal instead of plastic. I love the case but may have to put it in my pocket vs. using the handy belt clip if they can't improve on its durability.

  • Posted by Brian M. on 10th Sep 2014


    The clips are necessary, but very poorly made.

    These are the only clips that I find that fit the Piel Frama cases. Casual use and any stress on a small plastic nub that locks the case into the clip wears it down. Once the plastic is worn far enough, then the case always falls out (for me about 3 to 4 weeks or less). Because of this, I will probably NOT buy a Piel Frama case again. I don't recall my Sena case clip doing this this often. I just ordered 5 so that I will have a ready replacement.

  • Posted by Rick on 26th Nov 2013


    Wears out very quickly

    The last poster is right on! I'm on my third one also. The little "tit" should me made of better materials such as steel the same as the spring clip. Great design but cheaper out.

  • Posted by Dan on 26th Oct 2013


    great design. poor implication

    the last reviewer is right. I'm on my 4th one in only 6 months. the centre " button" is made of plastic and wears if you use your phone alot ( I don't! ). every time you take it out, you"re wearing it down, it should be made of steel, then it would be perfect. The second one I ordered lasted 3 weeks before I had to throw it out for fear of loosing my phone.PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • Posted by Customer on 17th Jul 2013


    Wears out quickly

    The construction is fine, but after a month, my phone now slips out of the clip. There is no longer enough tension and pressure to keep the phone in the clip.