Piel Frama 938 Black iMagnum Leather Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus

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Compatible: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus

Introducing the new Piel Frama iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus iMagnum Case. This soft slim case combines the best of both worlds: slim style and protection. The iMagnum cases are produced with several layers for protection of the device, but the case remains slim to maintain the aesthetic appeal - it only adds few mm of overall thickness to your phone. Just slide your new iPhone between the hard leather frame, and you're good to go. All features of the phone are accessible and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned with your phone. A speaker cut-out in the front cover allows you to talk on your phone with the cover shut. There is also hidden magnetic closure - you simply lay down the cover until it shut and it stays securely fastened until you pull the cover to open it back up. This case is available in a wide array of colors and textures.

- Talk with the cover shut
- Hand-crafted premium Spanish calfskin leather
- Hidden magnet closure
- Strong layered protection
- Soft leather lining
- Minimalistic and slim design
- Cut-outs for all iPhone functions is the official U.S. reseller of Piel Frama cases. Each Piel Frama case passes strict quality control requirements and is expertly hand-made by skilled leather craftsmen. Piel Frama specializes in producing luxurious, beautiful, soft, leather-cushioned cases specifically designed for mobile devices. Customize your device with a stunning Piel Frama case, choosing from many vibrant colors on either a standard leather canvas, or an exotic ostrich, crocodile or lizard texture.

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Piel Frama
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Handcrafted for you in Spain, this item will be transferred to office in Colorado and it's expected to ship to you in 7 - 10 days. Piel Frama products are covered by limited warranty for a period of first 30-days (from purchase shipping date) as well as 6-month limited factory warranty. All Piel Frama products are hand-made to order or custom-made, and cannot be returned back to us for a refund. Piel Frama products can only be returned for store credit or exchange only. You may cancel your Piel Frama case order/pre-order at any time prior to the shipping date.

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Milo Milewski on 28th Oct 2022


    Perfect case

    Luxury but certainly not a tacky case. I bought a black one – because of the simplicity of its design, it can be worn with a 3P suit as well as a moto jacket and torn jeans. It covers camera lenses, so they won’t get scratched or broken, but reveals them when opened. Smooth, soft back, and front however the bending part is made of sturdier top-grain leather for durability. The natural micro-grittiness of the leather prevents the case from slipping out of your hand. I only wish it would cover the sides of the phone all the way to the top with small cutouts for buttons, but I’m a little bit paranoid - it would require a very particular fall angle to damage the exposed parts. All in all worth the extra money. It’s elegant, cool, ergonomic, and will last forever.

  • Posted by Francis Patrick West on 27th Oct 2022


    Safely protect the screen

    I purchased Piel Frama cases for my iPhone 5s, SE and 11 and before that for iPaqs pocket computers . The stiff cover has saved me from cracked screens many times over the years. The flip top works well to allow maximum protection with ease of access.