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Will NOT work with Piel Frama Cases!

The Ultra Swivel Belt Clip was designed from the ground-up to offer more protection for high-end portable devices. This belt clip allows the case to swivel 360 degrees. This makes the case more comfortable to wear while you are sitting because you can turn the case sideways on your belt. The Ultra Swivel Belt Clip is significantly stronger and offers more security than anything similar on the market today. The Ultra Clip can withstand pulling forces in excess of 130 pounds in any direction. This new clip, The Ultra Clip, meets or exceeds the needs of anyone who's carrying expensive electronics.

- Insertion and removal of device from the Ultra Belt Clip requires a 90° angle and a press of the release trigger
- 360° Swiveling
- 'J' hook retainer helps prevent loss of belt clip from belt
- Reinforced fracture points and thicker plastic
- Made entirely of high resistance plastic
- High quality tempered steel spring
- Unique locking tab allows phones, MP3 players, cameras. etc. to rotate 360° when fully inserted
- Fits belts to 1.8" wide
- 1-1/8" x 2-4/8" x 7/8" inches
- Perfect for PDA's, cameras, radios, MP3 players, phones and more!

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Scott Hope on 8th Jun 2017


    Ultra Clip

    I don't know why I found it hard to track down one of these clips, but it is an excellently designed product. It originally came with the Vaja case that I purchased from another company. The clip itself fits easily and firmly to a belt, waistband or pocket opening and the stud attached to the case of your gadget slides in to the clip horizontally, a one handed operation, and then turns 90° to hang vertically. Your gadget cannot be pulled out of the clip because of two retaining features. One, it has to be turned by 90° to the horizontal position and two, a retaing catch has to be released by pressing a sliding bar so that your gadget can be pulled out of the clip. It may sound complicated but your gadget can be removed from and replaced into the clip, with one hand because of the thoughful design. An excellent product and thoroughtly recommended.

  • Posted by Customer on 4th Jul 2014


    Perfect replacement for Vaja iPhone case 3G

    Broke one after about 6 years of use. Could not find anywhere until I stumbled across this website. Bought 2 just in case I break another one…They do last a while, but the clip will wear out after several years taking it on and off your belt.